Motocross Helmets

Team Babbitt's Motocross Racing Helmets Provided by Shoei

What We Use VFXDT Solid Black
Part #02-511

Shoei Helmets VFX-DT - Black

Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus

  • Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) construction combines high performance fibers with organic fibers to create a shell structure that is lightweight, rigid and resilient
  • Four shell and comfort liner sizes present increased fit options that help to comfortably fit most head sizes
  • Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel and rider testing

Extractor Ventilation System
  • Adjustable front intake vents combine with rear Extractor Vents and a neck outlet vent to maximize flow-through ventilation
  • A semi-dual EPS liner with air channels allows directed airflow to the helmet interior
  • Cool air passes through the front intake vents, cools the helmet interior and is exhausted through the rear Extractor Vents by the force of negative air pressure

3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System
  • The helmet interior is constructed with a comfortable, Max-Dry material that easily absorbs and discharges moisture build up
  • The 3-D Max-Dry removable liner system is thermomolded to match the liner perfectly to the helmet interior
  • The cheek pads, upper liner and chinstrap covers are easily removed for cleaning and/or replacement
  • The removable cheek pads are available in optional sizes so that each rider can personalize their fit

Cross Visor and Cross Nose Cover
  • Aggressively shaped Cross Visor provides incredible airflow for reduced drag
  • Cross visor is easily installed or removed with the use of three external screws for ease of access to center screw and tightening by hand
  • No-clog Cross Nose Cover for enhanced flow-through ventilation
  • Removable, washable and replaceable Cross Nose Cover Filter

Also Included:
  • Unique chin strap clip keeps strap from flapping in the wind
  • Ergonomically shaped mud guard
  • Helmet Sack constructed of soft, velvety fabric with drawstring closure
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