Ashton Hayes Earns Gold at the 2012 Mini Olympics!


November 19-24th 2012

Gatorback Cycle Park Gainesville Florida: Ashton Hayes travelled to the infamous Gatorback Cycle park for the 41st running of the Mini Olympics and what was to be his last race of his career on 85’s. The competition was strong with over 100 entries in the Supermini classes and over 60 in the 85 classes. Managing 6 days of hard racing is no easy task. It takes its toll on bike and body especially when entered in 4 classes in supercross and motocross.  Ashton competed in 16 motos and 4 practices from Monday thru Saturday.  It did not start off easy with a trip over the handlebars in the whoops in his first Supermini supercross heat. Overcoming the effects of that crash and one other Ashton was able build momentum and capture his first Mini O’s championship by the weeks end and win the Olympiad for the Senior Mini 12-15 yr old class.


2012 Mini Olympics results:


Senior Mini 12-15 Stock: 2nd

Senior Mini 12-15 Mod: 10th

Supermini 1: 29th.

Supermini 2: 5th



Senior Mini 12-15 Stock: 8th

Senior Mini 12-15 Mod: 1st

Supermini 1: 3rd.

Supermini 2: 3rd


Ashton won the Olympiad for the Senior Mini 12-15 class, the Senior Mini 12-15 Mod motocross class and finished 2nd overall in the Supermini class for the motocross championships.


Ashton would like to thank all his sponsors who helped make this success possible:


Team Babbitts,

CoFace North America ,

Smith Optics ,

One Industries,  





Pant Saggin Dezign,


Pro Wheel,



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