• Graduated School From West Orange High 2010

Bike Brand: Honda

Class: 250 A, 450 A, Pro Sports

About Me:

My name is Marcus Nilsen  20 years old born in England moved to Orlando when I was 9 years old, raced motocross in England.

Played paintball semi-pro for 2 years, back in to racing full time and 100% committed.

2013 Season

I will be training at Georgia Practice Facility in the winter to get prepared for the 2013 Season.

For 2013 I will be stepping up to the A class, this will be another big step on my journey to becoming a professional.

I will be racing all Amateur Nationals for 2013 including (Spring Classic Millcreek, Oak Hill GNC International, Freestone Spring Chapionship,

World Mini Las Vegas, Loretta’s, and Mini o’s) also many Southeast Region Races.

2012 Top Results


  • Millcreek Amateur National- Open B                                                             6th Place
  • World Mini Grand Prix- 250 B Mod                                                             4thPlace
    • Vurb Classic - 450 B                                                                                         1st Place
    • Vurb Classic – 250 B                                                                                       2nd Place
    • Gold Cup Round 1 -250 B                                                                                      1ST Place
    • Gold Cup Round 2-250 B                                                                                       2ND Place
    • Gold Cup Round 4 -450 B                                                                                      1ST Place
    • Mini Olympic Supercross – 250 B Stock                                                               4th Place
    • Mini Olympic Supercross- 450 B Open                                                                 6th Place
    • Mini Olympic Motocross – 250 B Stock                                                               10th Place                                                                                   

How Will I Add Value To Your Company

               I have a very positive attitude and I am also a very respectful person. I know the opportunities I

have been given and I have set goals for myself. I know that anything I do reflects back on my sponsors

 and I plan on representing them well. I always use and recommend my sponsors products and back them

         100% as they do with me.

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