Christopher (Lil'c) Blackmer # 573


     AGE: 11

     RESIDES:  Muskegon, MI

     STATUS:  Amateur Mini Rider

     CLASSES:  65cc 7-11 & 10-11  | 85cc 7-11

     BIKES:  KTM SX 65  |  Yamaha YZ 85


GOALS:  Qualify for Loretta's in 65cc 7-11 and to gain experience and place in 85cc 7-11


Christopher has always been a wonder on two wheels.  He was accomplished at riding a bicycle without having training wheels by the time he turned two and he has never looked back.  He has been racing motocross and ice racing since turning four.  He takes racing seriously; has a grasp of what he wants to accomplish and what it takes to be successful in motocross, that is far beyond his years.  

He is a fierce competitor, always wanting to improve his performance through practice and hard work.  Christopher's family keeps him grounded by making sure school is priority one.  Additionally his family has stressed sportsmanship and humility from day one helping him become one of the most popular riders on the track. 



     AMA Grand Nat. Ice Championship  |  85cc  |  Champion

     Flint Indoor Ice Series  |  65cc & 85cc  |  Champion

     Loretta Lynn's North Central Qualifier  |  65cc & 65cc mod  |  2nd & 1st

     Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals  |  65cc Limited & 65cc  |  M1:11th; M2:8th; M3:41st = 18th & M1:6th; M2:40th; M3:11th= 17th


     AMA District 14 Ice Series  |  65cc  |  Champion

     Fint Indoor Ice Series  |  65cc  |  Champion

     GLMX Michigan Mafia  |  65sr & 85jr  | Champion

     GLMX Fall Series  |  65cc  |  Champion

     AMA Nat. MX Championship  |  65cc mod  |  23rd

     Mid-East AMA Area Qualifier  |  65cc  |  1st

     North Central AMA Area Qualifier  |  65cc & 65cc mod  |  1st & 3rd

     AMA Grand Championship Ice Races  |  65cc & 65cc mod  |  2nd & 3rd

     AMA Arena Cross-Grand Rapids MI  |  65cc  |  2nd


     Michigan State MX Championship  |  65cc  |  Champion

     Michigan Mafia MX Series  |  65cc  |  Champion

     GLMX Big Air  |  65cc  |  Track Champion

     GLMX Mini-Mo-Down  |  65cc  |  Champion

     AMA Grand Champion Ice Races  |  65cc mod  |  4th

     AMA Arena Cross-Grand Rapids MI  |  65cc  |  3rd


     Big Air Motocross  |  65cc  | Champion

     SJO Michigan State Fair SX  |  65cc & Mini Open  |  Champion 1st 15 of 15 & 3rd

     Grattan Raceway Motocross  |  65cc  |  Champion

     Great Lakes Motocross  |  65cc  | 2nd


     Big Air Motocross  |  65cc  |  Champion

     SJO Michigan State Fair Series SX  |  50ccss/65cc/50cc Sr.  |  Champion 1st 15 of 15/2nd/7th

     Flint Indoor Ice Racing 2009-2010  |  50cc  |  Champion


     SJO Michigan State Fair Series SX  |  50ccss  |  Champion   

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